We are the best video production company in the North-West!

Slide background + …and aerial filming thanks to technological marvels.
Slide background + Modern world offers modern solutions. LMP puts them to use.
Slide background + Our studio is capable of everything: full service video production with sound editing…
Slide background + …extreme photography and videos...
Slide background + Beauty lies in every view…
Slide background + we are able to capture it!
Slide background + Experience the best moments of your life…
Slide background + …anytime, anywhere, how many times you wish.
Slide background + We know the rules of video production business…
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Slide background + Perfection in every detail is our main goal.
Slide background + A single frame can change the way you look at the world.
Slide background + You can see the excellence of your surroundings from every angle.
Slide background + Whatever you wish to remember,
Lukas Media Production is able to immortalize it on film.

Aerial photography and filming

aerial photographySeeing objects from a bird’s eye perspective is simply astonishing. Lukas Media Production is able to reproduce such amazing views thanks to technologically advanced tools, including remotely controlled drones. You don’t have to even lift one toe from the ground and you don’t need a plane ticket to experience the thrill of being up high in the air, thanks to our aerial photo and filming services.

Video Production

vdeo productionOur offer does not only include simple filming and editing – the equipment and software we have give us an opportunity to produce a wide range of multimedia videos that consist of animation, aerial videography, voice-over etc. We even provide our own presenters if such need appears! Whatever you are looking for, Lukas Media Production can deliver.


animationA well-made video production includes not only an edited live footage – it also needs some post-production effects which will make it stand out amongst hundreds of similar films. Our experience in 3D animation and digital graphics allows us to incorporate many unique effects into your video. We can create animated intros, mix the computer-generated elements with live ones or make a completely animated video.


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